At present I’m doing a series of Advertorial shots for Barrys tea. I’m rather partial to the peppermint, in the herbal range of teas, so it’s working out nicely. It’s a lot of fun as we are taking portraits of Irish “creatives” in a relaxing moment when they take a break “Irish style” with a cup of tea.

Andreas Pettersson – Sunday Times Culture magazine

Being asked to take a portrait of a photographer is like asking your maths teacher to take your final exam and expecting them to get 100%. Thankfully in this case Andreas is a good friend and this assignment gave us an opportunity to work together on an idea which was less intimidating than doing it alone. What we came up with was to do a shoot an then reshoot it a few days later but with prints of the original shoot. Needless to say it was a lot of fun.


Simone Rocha – Totally Dublin

Last month’s creative was fashion designer, Simone Rocha and was published in Totally Dublin magazine. The idea behind this shoot was to photograph Simone relaxing at home in her Bedroom with her tea. These shot’s were brought to you by a cup of peppermint.

Codes – Hot Press

This month we spent some time with the Dublin based band, Codes, which was a lot of fun. We used Muzu’z studio as a location, ( which was cool. This Advertorial was shot specifically for the Irish music magazine Hot Press. My concept was to shoot the band in their rehearsal space as a group enjoying some down time with tea. Then to shoot them individually enjoying some tea in their “own” private space. Originally I saw this as a set of four images cropped square but the final layout (below) went for a linear series of images which also works. I’ve included the outtakes in a gallery below.


Here’s the shot’s individually. Click to Enlarge: