Staying a week in the worlds busiest Leprosy hospital is humbling experience to say the least. Given that the Madheshi’s & Maoists are just villages away, the hospital was one of the most peaceful places I’ve ever been.

There are certain things in life that when you are in the moment, you know you’ll never going to forget them. Having a conversation with a man while he’s getting his toe amputated without anesthetic, helping a nurse take over ten maggots from another mans foot and befriending a 16 year old boy, Ram, who works 14 hours a day, 7 days a week for €16 a month while be riddled with leprosy are just some of them.

Published in Vice – The Sundaes Issue


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* Now, we used the word “leper” here because we wanted to reference an old Metallica song. But you should know that people with leprosy consider that word really offensive. It carries a stigma that they’ve been trying to beat for years, and it’s outdated and ignorant. So next time you meet someone with leprosy, you are under no circumstances to call them a leper.

Ireland’s national newspaper the Sunday Business Post published this project as a cover story in May 2008.