Childhood hopes for my future: Bin man, Pilot, Fisherman.

This is a project that I have wanted to do for a year now, but finding a skipper willing to take two sets of youthful land legs has been hard work…..not to mention that the thoughts of the project itself was letting me use this difficulty as a way of putting it off. But June of this 200great I found a fisherman who said he’d bring us out and we could “muck in” for our keep on the boat. Thus begins the adventure:

One week. No land in sight… well saw a bit once. Empty sea in every direction you looked, stuck in this small piece of crap trawler. 9 smelly dudes crammed in. Girls were just a memory or a really bad photo on a sticky magazine in the kitchen. Our skipper, Adrian from Donegal, Conor (writer) & myself (photog) and six Egyptian fisherman in the middle of Ramadan. An education in itself.


I totally fit in


Between working shifts on the boat I got to shoot and it’s been a hard edit but here’s the first draft. There was a few hurdles to get over when shooting this project…. protecting equipment from sea water…. the filth…..the fact that we were never still and fast shutter speeds we needed as a tripod isn’t going to be any use…….the hold was a very dark place and so it was hard to expose for both the hold and outside on a bright day. ah these are all my excuses..

Published in Vice Magazine – The Universal Sadness Issue

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Read the article online :

v7n1 001 Cover (9.3mm).pdf

v7n1 001 Cover (9.3mm).pdf

Ireland’s national newspaper the Sunday Business Post also published this project as a cover story for it’s Agenda magazine in January 2009.





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