This was a flying visit to New Delhi and a few other towns that I can’t pronounce or spell. I was piggybacking a friends work trip. One thing that always bothered me about photographing in developing countries is that people love getting their photograph taken yet can only ever see it on the back of the camera and never get to keep it. I’d bring my Polaroid camera and take pictures and give them to locals. The great thing is that although Polaroid is pretty much dead in the west, it still has novelty factor in the small villages of India. At first I wanted take Polaroids of people and then photograph them with my regular camera holding the Polaroid just taken. Simple!!!! Or so you’d think. You see, a Polaroid takes about two minutes to develop and in India, two minutes is more than enough time to muster up a crowd, each wanting a photograph.

The result: “Time bomb photography”. Take the Polaroid, hand it to them and run. When the developing really kicks in and they see themselves with excitement (which is what I wanted to photograph dammit) masses are gathered around them and they start to chase you down wanting one too. Thankfully you’re already a street away and get the tuk tuk out of there.

Here are some other shots I took while I was there also. More snaps than anything: