The only part of Ireland that wasn’t occupied by the English was Inis Meain, which remains today one of the only places in Ireland that the Irish language survived. For this project reviving what few phrases I could recall from my school years was the challenge.

The approach taken was to visit all three islands of Aran and meet the characters that lived there.

Paraic Poil

A farmer who harvests his own crops by hand with a scythe and used to kill his own cattle until EU regulation.

Aran01 - Pariac Poil - Farmer

Michael McNulty

A Canadian stock broker who trades from the comfort of his cottage on Inis Meain and speaks better Irish than 90% of Irish citizens.

Aran09 - Michael McNulty - Canadian Stock broker


Once a chef on cargo boats, she lives in a caravan on Inis Moir.

Aran16 - Niamh - Cargo ship chef


Considered to be the last of the island moonface men, he is a legend on the islands and a retired sailor.

Aran06 Anthony Moonface - Sailor


The youngest of a large family Rory is a blind farmer who works land that is spread out over the island.

Aran20 - Rory - blind farmer72