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One or the four Craft & Pride videos for this years Movember creative. Special thanks for Charlie Doran for editing and Parhelia for the loan of the music. Three more to come.

I was a small piece of the puzzle for Niki & the Dove’s album Artwork, but a piece non the less. I photographed the tiger mask.

This is Barry’s Tea community box 2011, featuring my portraits of Barry’s Tea drinkers shopping in Super Valus all over Ireland.

The YMCA was established in 1844 in central London. Unfortunately the original building was destroyed during the Blitz but today on it’s foundations is the Central YMCA community gym with over 6,000 members of which I am one.

For the Summer advertising campaign I photographed a cross section of the membership, from the creche to seniors clubs. It was a fun project. The images will be displayed in the windows, on the web and in the London Underground stations in central London.

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This is a recreation of a current advertising campaign for Axe.

Here is one of the original images from the campaign (that I did not shoot):



My brief was to recreate this advertisement with a Berlin backdrop but for it to be less polished and with natural light. These were my results:


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This studio shoot was done for the Arnott’s Project where we took people from the new Arnotts store and turned the into classic rock stars. Here’s Neil or should I sat David.

David Bowie blog




At present I’m doing a series of Advertorial shots for Barrys tea. I’m rather partial to the peppermint, in the herbal range of teas, so it’s working out nicely. It’s a lot of fun as we are taking portraits of Irish “creatives” in a relaxing moment when they take a break “Irish style” with a cup of tea.

Andreas Pettersson – Sunday Times Culture magazine

Being asked to take a portrait of a photographer is like asking your maths teacher to take your final exam and expecting them to get 100%. Thankfully in this case Andreas is a good friend and this assignment gave us an opportunity to work together on an idea which was less intimidating than doing it alone. What we came up with was to do a shoot an then reshoot it a few days later but with prints of the original shoot. Needless to say it was a lot of fun.


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