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I kick started 2013 with a trip to NY where I photographed selection of fantastic restaurants for a food feature in the February issue of Aerlingus’s inflight Cara Magazine. Here is a link to the online version of the magazine.
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Recently in Cuba with fashion writer, Sally Miura, we were amazed at the fashion culture that exists in a country were foreign media is forbidden. This project has just been published in London based fashion magazine Let them Eat Cake .

These photos were taken along the Malecón which is 8km of esplanade in Cuba’s capital Havana. This walkway is a huge hangout for local youths and Florida gazers. During the day it’s a lounge while at night it offers a cheap substitute to a bar with young people dotted all along the wall with rum and salsa.

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After the Patrick Mohr interview (previous post) we spent the day and night with the Fus crew in Munich who are the prominent river surfing community of the city. I documented our time surfing drinking and more night surfing.

This shoot was commissioned and published online with Vice Style:

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Last weekend I took a trip south to Munich to photograph Patrick Mohr during an interview for Vice magazine. Really nice guy and Munich is a lot of fun.

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For this Ryanair feature entitled 48 hours in Berlin I decided to shoot the project on a disposable camera. The aim was to fit as much in to the weekend as possible and so snapshots suited nicely. Several photographs were taken were a moving bicycle.

As it was an experience driven assignment I included self portraits also. Just for the fun.

You can read the adventure here:

(Please note the clock is a stock image)

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Hamburg has the most millionaires per capita in Germany. It also has squats.



This feature was published in June 2010 issue of Ryanair’s Magazine.

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After a year of promising to go back to Prishtina, the opportunity arrived in February this year when I was commissioned by Saatchi & Saatchi to create photographs that would educate potential tourists on the newest country in the world. It was a great chance to spend some time in Kosovo. I stayed for over a month and a half and as a side project created an art installation called The Unofficial Embassy of Ireland where my colleague and I opened an Irish embassy in the diplomatic district of Kosovo’s capital. It was a great month.

But I still made some photographs:

This was shot from the hip on the way down the 587 steps from the Embassy district to the city centre. I believe I was on my way to find a good Kebab when I took this.

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A week exploring the surf in Taghazout, Morocco was the perfect end to Winter and a fun story to do for Ryanair’s Inflight magazine. I surfed everyday, ate great food and explored how Morocco’s hippy phase, that welcomed the likes of Jimi Hendrix in the 60’s, has now become a coastline open for surfers.

And if you go stay at surf berbere in Taghazout. Great people, great place.

You can read the article here in the May 2010 issue of the Ryanair magazine:

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49pristinaIn December 2008 we ventured to Pristina, Kosovo in search of the music scene. The nation was barely a year old. With great interest I read throughout the year about the youngest country in the world with over 60% of it’s population under 30 years old. So we went unsure of what to expect and had the best time ever. 

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The only part of Ireland that wasn’t occupied by the English was Inis Meain, which remains today one of the only places in Ireland that the Irish language survived. For this project reviving what few phrases I could recall from my school years was the challenge.

The approach taken was to visit all three islands of Aran and meet the characters that lived there.

Paraic Poil

A farmer who harvests his own crops by hand with a scythe and used to kill his own cattle until EU regulation.

Aran01 - Pariac Poil - Farmer

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