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I kick started 2013 with a trip to NY where I photographed selection of fantastic restaurants for a food feature in the February issue of Aerlingus’s inflight Cara Magazine. Here is a link to the online version of the magazine.
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Metro UK: Cocktails in Care Homes

This is exactly how it reads.

Nick Lander, Financial Times writer, recently published a book on his favorite restaurants around the world. I photographed him and one of the featured restauranteurs in his book, Hazel Allen, for the Financial Times magazine published Saturday 8th September.


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One or the four Craft & Pride videos for this years Movember creative. Special thanks for Charlie Doran for editing and Parhelia for the loan of the music. Three more to come.

This is Barry’s Tea community box 2011, featuring my portraits of Barry’s Tea drinkers shopping in Super Valus all over Ireland.

In one wet week of June just past I managed to clock up over 2,500km on an Irish road trip. I visited close to 25 Super Valu’s around the country and photographed Barry’s Tea shoppers for a special edition community box that will be launch nationwide this September. It was a great way to see Ireland and meet a lot of nice people.

The YMCA was established in 1844 in central London. Unfortunately the original building was destroyed during the Blitz but today on it’s foundations is the Central YMCA community gym with over 6,000 members of which I am one.

For the Summer advertising campaign I photographed a cross section of the membership, from the creche to seniors clubs. It was a fun project. The images will be displayed in the windows, on the web and in the London Underground stations in central London.

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This shoot was published in the Sunday Independent’s Life Magazine on Sunday 8th May. The shoot took place one windy Saturday in early April.

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This is a fashion shoot that I shot for this months issue of Vice magazine, Germany.

The concept was truth or dare. For the moral support of all involved I did some dares too.




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This is a shoot I did for Lee Jeans at Bread & Butter in Berlin’s Tempelhof Airport. The place was crowded and so sadly I couldn’t use the cool interiors of the airport but had to find areas less populated.

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